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Meet a lovely Loly Girl: Toshiko ♥
October 24, 2014


Meet Toshilo Shek of It´s not her it's me , an adorable Loly girl, self described creative and stylish crazy cat lady! Born in Hong Kong , this Californian style blogger has the most amazing closet and with her amazing skill at mixing, matching and playing with accessories, she gives her outfits an edge and makes a statement that’s all her own.
The name of her blog is original and very unique, just like her personal style. Her mantra is "Dress accordingly and live stylishly. I wear what I want and dress how I feel because at the end of the day, it's not her, it's me."
We asked her to fill in the black with whatever came first in her mind.
Let´s take a peek into Toshiko´s magical world... 
My fave pair of Lolys are: "My black pair of Mrs. Heart , I seriously wear them all the time!

When I wake up I: "usually find one of my cats cuddling next to me."

The best advice I have ever received: "Just be yourself."

Random fact about me: "My fiance and I moved from a 1-bedroom apt to a 2-bedroom apt so that I can use one of the room as a closet. I have way too many clothes and shoes, it's like a library!"

We love her style and her living room is to die for!!


Posted by Lorena Vazquez
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