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Meet our lovely Loly girl: Arin from Heart Of Chic ♥
October 24, 2014
Girls and girls, please meet Arin Agase from Heart of Chic , our adorable Loly Girl. She describes herself  as energetic, stylish, hard-working, and passionate. She is a Marketing stud by day and fashion blogger by night. Yup, this woman is rocking the world!

Born and living in Chicago, Arin dreams of having a lake-house in Michigan (from the wind city to the brrrrr city).



Her view
She states that her mom is her role-model: her #1 person in the world and gets inspired by her work ethic buuuuuut her baby is Annie, a toy poodle pup. What a cutie pie!!!!!


We asked her to fill in the black with whatever came first in her mind.
Let's get to know Arin a little bit more..
My fave pair of Lolys are "Note to self! Obsessed!" 



I spent the best summer vacation in "Mexico with my boyfriend – my first time out of the states!"
The quote that gets me through the day is: ‘Just Breathe’ 


Random fact about me: "I played viola for 9 years."
"Oh, and I'm a bubble bath fanatic! I cannot end my day without one :) "


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