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October 24, 2014
Denia Martinez (our fave Mani Loly Girl) creates this look inspired by our MONIQUE sneakers. Just like a Loly girl...always knows how to mix and match our fave colors: black and white!    
Apply this easy and simple Mani to go with your Monique!

1. Apply a white base coat (or 2, as you wish) in all your nails, except one in which the base coat will be black.
2. You will first work on the white base coated nails. With a black nail polish, start dotting the tip of your nail and as you ascend, leave more space between the dots.
3. Now, in the black base coat nail, follow the same instructions indicated in step #2, with the only difference that you will use white nail polish for the dots.
4. Finally, use a top coat for long lasting duration.

NOTE: for the dot making, you could use anything with a rounded tip, for example a pen without ink or even a toothpick!


Posted by Lorena Vazquez
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