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30 IN A BOX ♥
October 24, 2014
Reasons for this DIY:
  1. Is it a birthday or anniversary and you don't know what to give them? What about a mini gift per year?
  2. This is a very special gift for the family, friends or even your partner!
  3. Yes! It takes a little bit of time but it's worth the love you've got for that special someone.
  4. It ain't that hard to find little gifts. Think about what they like the most or what they even dislike to make them a joke!  The only thing that you cannot miss if it's for your mom, friend or girlfriend is a pair of LOLYS!

Stuff you need:
  • Kraft paper
  • Boxes in different sizes
  • Different ribbons
  • Cards to personalize each gift
  • Candles
  • Pretty tapes
  • Double sided tape
  • Anything you have in your house that you don't really use!


Choose any color range you would like for the wrapping since everything matches perfectly with the kraft paper or boxes.

More gift ideas:
Nail polish, post its, jewelry, chapstick, pens, agendas, candles, a box of inspirational quotes, anything that comes in your mind!


Posted by Lorena Vazquez
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