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Fringes ♥
October 24, 2014
Soooo it's Saturday and still don't know what to wear for a brunch with you girlfriends or just for a hangout?

Fringes is a-temporary style that many bloggers and celebrities wear everyday and not just for music festivals.
You can find them on dresses, t-shirts, vests, ankle boots or even on handbags, and no, it's not like you're from the Wild West. It's a trend from the 60s and it's here to stay and give the IT factor to your summer look! We chose this blue fringed satchel with blue shades to accessorize it.

Another trend for this year is the pineapple, we want it sooo much that we are just dying for a piña colada...specially for this hot summer! We love this t-shirt that matches perfectly with jeans and a denim can't obviously miss ourCut Negative!

Oh, and please don't forget your camera, you'll need it to capture those beautiful moments! ♥

Posted by Lorena Vazquez
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