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October 24, 2014
Meet Sisy Garza, our first Loly Boss, whom besides being a Health Coach (fitness and nutritional) and a blogger, she's a mother of two beautiful kids (a girl of 6 and a boy of 3) and wife of one of the most talented photographers in Mexico.



When you have little time in a day but lots of things to do, juggling and balancing all of your activities can be a little complicated. However, once you have everything under control. it can be pretty easy to handle them even though you don't have anything planned.


Speaking with Sisy, she tells us that when her kids are at school, she uses this time to do her activities. "When I get home, I take a shower and use my time wisely to go to the supermarket, or answer some emails, write posts, record and give class, cook, etc.
When it's time to cook, I use whatever I find on my fridge or I log on to Pinterest and take some easy and delicious ideas from there. (You see, it's not all about pinning but actually doing them every now and then.)
When her kids get back from school, they go to their grandparents' house where they do their homework and they have a snack or even have dinner while she spends time with her paps.
¡Oh! but she also has a husband at home so when the kids go to bed "we talk, we prepare something easy for dinner, we watch a movie and then we go to sleep. If he's travelling, then I catch up with my emails. Basically this is a normal day, sometimes in the same order sometimes in another but that's what makes them fun! (Say bye bye to the same routine!)


Her working space



Her fitness space


Being a mom is not an easy task "the truth is that it’s a full time career because every day you learn something new. There may be many books out there, quite a lot, but when it comes to kids, each oe is different and challenges you in a different way.This is how they learn from me and I learn from them and from myself in this role. It's so much fun and sometimes frustrating but at the end of the day, I cannont imagine myself without them and my heart jumps just knowing I have them. They gave me the opportunity to become a mom and well, obviously my husband too, right? haha."



Sisy studied International Commerce but she only practiced for a year because fitness was, is, and will beher calling. She decided to do a masters' degree on Pilates and certified herself in Spinning, Reformer, Gravity, Free Motion and other novelties.
You probably ask yourselves if she's been practicing all of this, and the answer is YES. She actually gives online classes with routines that you can apply without leaving home. "The idea of recording clases was because while pregnant with my second child, I couldn't go to any gym. My husband recommended to record some videos for my girlfriends. At first I thought that it wouldn't work because on internet there were lot of free videos, but the only problem was that most of them were in English. This is the main reason I started with my video classes using simple stuff that women could use like chairs, towels and even your child's weight to train in a fun and functional way :)"
Her blog also has a healthy and natural food section, but she’d rather give fitness tips than be a diet guru. "I can give you a start-up for changing your eating style for a healthier one. I am like the little step for the ones who haven't decided to dive into a healthier life without taking the fun and practical away."




We gave her a tough time answering our question on what could she transmit to all of our Loly girls, but what she answered actually was quite interesting: "a practical and relaxed life philosophy without taking neither passion nor the push of what we do."
Sisy tells us that she fell in love with Loly in the Sky because she identified herself with our cool, unique, chic, fun and relaxed styles. "They are very free-spirit, one that wears them and feels glammed up without exaggerating; they give you security."
She wants to transmit all of this in her blog with her food and exercise ideas, letting people know that it should not be a big sacrifice, rather a decision to adopt them as part of your daily life and not just because it's trendy or aesthetic, but because it makes you feel secure, strong, and beautiful, and at the same time, sexy and relaxed.
Speaking of what's next for our Loly Boss, she plans to have a recipe/agenda book (coming soon), open a studio later on and having another baby it's definitely in her plans. (What about that, huh?)
This women won't stop any time soon, but she really doesn't have any intention of neglecting her family nor her dreams. All Loly Boss. ♥


If you know anyone that could be our next Loly Boss, please send us an email to with Loly Boss as subject.

Posted by Lorena Vazquez
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