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Floral Letter ♥
October 24, 2014
Do you have an empty space in your bedroom or living room and don't know how to fix it up? Use a floral letter for a perfect decoration! You could choose size, color and (obviously) the letter! 
Pretty easy to do and in less than 30 minutes! You could do it with artificial flowers for a permanent style, or if you have a theme party, you could use real flowers (those always look best)! 
Better yet, you could even do a whole word!

Katy Robinson from Wit & Bloom teaches us step by step: ♥
Paper maché cardboard letter
Color flowers (any type)
Floral foam 


1.  Cut the top side of your letter with the cutter (as a lid).


2.  Fill in with flower foam with pieces from different sizes.


3. Cut the stem leaving one inch and start inserting the flowers until you have them neatly bunched up! (Start with the larger flowers then the smaller ones)

Posted by Lorena Vazquez
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