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LOLY GIRL BOSS: Gabi Fventes ♥
October 24, 2014
Meet Gabi Fventes, our dear Loly Boss, who besides being a wife and soon-to-be mom for the first time, she is an incredibly talented illustrator that has exhibited in museums such as MARCO and other prestigious schools/universities as well as collaborating with Meow Magazine, Pink Magnolia, and many more.
From Coahuila but living in Monterrey, she has her studio where she gives ilustration, painting, and design workshops.
She studied Arts and took courses in New York and Beijing which helped her grow her actual vision of applied and functional arts. "Since I was little, I always knew I would be in the Arts field, designing my own environment and making my daily objects more friendly. Through time, I've been able to collaborate with talented people from whom I have learned. I think everything I've achieved has been by experimenting technically and looking at NO's as growing opportunities."



She describes herself as "someone in a constant search for expression and inspiration in the everyday life." Her greatest inspiration is Victoria, her daughter (who is about to be born and we're dying to meet!), and that being recently married, her life changed but not as imagined. "I didn't feel much of a change, my husband has supported me in every aspect of my life but mainly on my job since we have similiar professions: he's into videogames/apps design and art.  So we know how to complement work and personal moments since the beginning until now that we are expecting our first child."



Speaking with Gaby, she tells us that dividing her professional and her personal life. Breakfast is her most important food and enjoys cooking. She also takes her dogs for a walk and goes to her studio where she checks her emails, online store, and sketches. In the afternoon she enjoys her personal life, "I have dinner with my husband and walk the dogs to the park, then we watch some tv series or we work on projects we have together."
Nothing seems to stop our Loly Boss and she lets us know her plans for the future: "Change my studio address, have new and more specialized illustration workshops, and launch a line of luxury accessories that I've been working on."(We'll have to wait a few more months.)
For us and probably for all of our Loly Girls, irs important to know our Loly Boss' philosophy. This time, Gabi shares the one she would love to transmit: "To find what you would like to do, not in the future but in the present, there's nothing better than to enjoy the everyday." (Totally agree, we should enjoy living and enjoying the present.)
Last but not least, we made some random questions for her to answer with the first thing that came into her mind and this is what she answered:
My fave pair of Lolys are: "Monica"


The song stucked in my head is: "Cosas imposibles from Gustavo Cerati."

Can't live without: "fruit and art materials"



I have never ever: "had an office job."
My closet or fave space from home:



Loly pets?: Yup, three: Moki, Willy, Boli



Random fact about me: I still have some baby teeth.



Quite a Loly Boss ♥

Posted by Lorena Vazquez
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