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Framing ♥
October 24, 2014
You’re staring at that empty wall and don't know how to decorate it? Framing is a technique used to decorate spaces with your fave photos or posters using, well obviously, frames. There's even a method on how to arrange them, but it varies depending on the size, color and content.
Here's an example:


It's super easy, you just need to find your faveorite pics, they could be personal or from a magazine, illustrations or paintings. You could buy your frames in a second-hand store and paint them with different colors; we obviously recommend using different frame styles such as vintage, modern, etc. Play with sizes and widths of the frames to creat texture in your wall.
Another cheap option for framing is using ribbons with different textures, width, and colors as you can see on our cover photo. You can frame in various ways and shapes like rectangles, squares, ovals; practically as you wish!


You could decorate your bedroom, office or even your living room.
(Why not try the kitchen or bathroom too?)


We luvd it! ♥
How would you decorate it?

Posted by Lorena Vazquez
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