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DIY: Chic drawers ♥
October 25, 2014

Having trouble fitting in all your "stuff" in your closet or nightstand? Lucky for you we have found a solution: recycle old drawers and store under your bed! You can store anything from shoes, purses to papers and jewelry. Plus no one has to notice your new "under the bed" treasures.

We got this idea from Lowes so you can easily find everything there, at Home Depot or any other hardware store! 

You will need the following:

*Drawers (you can either buy them new or at a second-hand will be even better to have different styles)

*Paint (any color..could be the same or different)


*Varnish (optional)

*Plastic Swivel caster (each drawer needs a set of 4)



The steps are extremely easy: paint your drawers (be creative please), varnish them and buy some cute handles (Anthropologie has amazing on line and in store options at good prices). The final step is gluing the wheels (Lowes) and voilá!

Now you have that extra space you need but in a cute Loly style way! ♥

Posted by Lorena Vazquez
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