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Loly Stylist: Cynthia Fernandez ♥
December 17, 2014

Meet Cynthia Fernandez, one of our Loly Stylists. ♥

Cynthia describes herself as a happy, curious and creative girl, inspired by pretty much everything around her. She has a special passion for fashion, which is why she is seriously thinking about making it her career (designer).

She loves nature and sunsets and is constantly looking for spaces and times like these, where she can relax.
Even though she is not 100% vegetarian, she enjoys eating vegan food, but sometimes she gives herself treats! 


"My favorite space is my bedroom...and my closet of course" 


5 On the spot questions 

1. My favorite pair of Lolys is Mrs Heart...although I just love all of them! 


2. The song I can't stop singing: Blank Space from Taylor Swift.

3. I never ever: log off from Pinterest.

4. I can't live without my iPhone.

5. My birthday is Christmas Day! 

Posted by Eduardo Vázquez
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