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Loly Icon: Edie Sedgwick ♥
January 18, 2015



Few women have such an amazing life like Edie Sedgwick. A side of becoming the Andy Warhol´s muse, she was truly a fashion icon during the 60. Her style was so unique and different that influenced both fashion during the sixties as well as contemporary life. Undoubtedly. Edie was one of the most important fashionistas of all time .


Edith Minturn Sedgwick , better known as Edie Sedgwick was born in Massachusetts , but decided to try her luck as a model and actress in New York during the 60s . One day while in the Big Apple, she met Andy Warhol, known for being the Pop Art creator. Warhol and Edie had a great friendship. For him, she was her absolute muse, even called her " superstar" .


Edie starred in several films and even had her own fans. But more than a celebrity was the authentic IT girl of the 60s . He broke all the rules of style during the fifties. She was responsible for creating a new stream of girls wearing short hair pixie, mini dresses, leggings, heels and big coats.

A true pop icon and symbol of a generation!

Posted by Lorena Vazquez
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