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DIY Flower Head!
October 20, 2015

Hello Loly Girls!!

Did you ran out of ideas of how to decorate your space??

This DIY is ideal for any place, its a super lovely and easy to make flower vase!!

Material: styrofoam Head, x-acto, small sharp knife, glass cup, newspaper, acrilic paint, paintbrushes, white spray paint.

  The steps you need to follow are…..

1- Cover all the head with newspaper and stick it with a combination of glue and water. (Add more to get a thicker surface.

2-Cover all the head with the white spray paint, coat it a few more times And let it dry completely

3-Trace around a glass cup to create the right size hole for your vase

4- Use your x-acto or knife to cut the circle

5-Take out the excess of the top of the head. Place the cup un the hole. This will be where you place your flowers or plants.

6- Paint a face on the head with acrylic paint.

And You’re done!!! Super easy right!!?