Loly in the sky was founded 2010 by Lorena and Eduardo Vazquez. It grew out of the vision to offer a line of very unique, comfortable and quality driven shoes. Loly in the sky makes women feel very special while wearing adorable shoes crafted with love.

Lorena Vazquez is the creative inspiration behind the brand, she gives a quirky twist to classy designs. Her goal is to create art with exceptional designs, encouraging her clients’ expressions and dreams.

Lorena studied Fashion Design at Instituto Marangoni in Milan and later on she moved to Barcelona, where she earned a Master’s degree in Accessory Design. She specialized in footwear alongside catalan craftsman shoemakers.

Eduardo Vazquez is the managing director of Loly in the sky. He studied Economics and completed a Master’s degree in Strategic Foresight. In 2011, the World Economic Forum selected him as a Global Shaper. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he is the executive force behind the brand.

Together, Lorena, Eduardo and their team, work hard every day to turn the dream of Loly in the sky dream into a shoe.


Loly in the Sky shoes are crafted with hand-picked mexican materials that combine design and comfort. The footbeds used in the core of this collection are lined with natural materials and padded for extra support in the metatarsal region. We use natural and synthetic printed fabrics and silkscreen for final touches.

Where to buy

Loly in the Sky shoes are sold on our website, Macy ́s, Modcloth, concept stores, boutiques in United States and in different countries around the world, like Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Guatemala and Mexico.